InBody 770

Based on the SMF-DSM Technolgoy unique to InBody, 8-Point Tactile Evaluation Method, the InBody 770 can be considered as the flagship of Body Impedance Anlysers.  It is widely used by Medical Facilities, Private Doctors, Specialist Dietitians, Wellness Coordinators, Aesthetic Clinics and Sport Medicine Institutions.  It has much more to offer due to the increased amount of frequencies utilised to do measurements. Measurements such as Segmental lean, Segmental Water Balance, Segmental Phased Angle, Intra- and Extracellular Water is just a few of the specialist parameters measured  to evaluate your customers or patients. History tracking of data over a period of time is essential and will provide you with valuable data as far as progress are concerned.

InBody S10

InBody designed the S10 for patients with special needs in mind. This state of the art portable unit can easily be used anywhere in the hospital environment. This versatile device will assist you to evaluate Nutrition Level, a comprehensive Water Report (with calculated Dry Weight Mass) and determine Circulation issues.  This is the perfect measurement device to  assist clinicians with essential measurements to manage and track your patients bodily changes. In addition, Phased angle will provide you with feedback on Segmental Cellular Membrane Status. With this device you can measure amputees without compromising your data.

InBody 570

The InBody 570 provides advanced analysis capabilities due to it's multi frequency measuring ability. Intra and extra cellular water is measured separately and provide the medical, wellness and fitness industry with values which is important to understand  fluid distribution and hydration values.  This is essential to provide proper diagnoses to users and to provide them with solutions to monitor them over a period of time.

InBody 270

The all new InBody 270 is now more elegant than ever before. Its silhouette, combined with clean lines and high-class design elements provides a truly impressive appearance. Not only is it beautiful but functional as well. The InBody 270 is easily packed in a compact bag for the user who needs a system to take to their clients. The InBody 270 can also be connected to the cloud or PC.  It is a full functional stand-alone device.  Reports can easily be emailed to customers to track and manage their progress.

InBody 370S

The InBody 370S determines segmental lean mass.  The information available will enable you to monitor how your body is adjusting over time to dietary changes, fitness routines, and lifestyle modifications. The InBody 370S is completely portable and can connect to a PC.  Cloud storage or function as a stand alone unit is a standard feature of this device. The report has a unique layout assisting users to quickly profile their Percentage Body Fat  versus BMI.  This will enable you to determine the shape you are in. Reports can easily be emailed to customers to track their progress.

InBody 120

See what you’re made of. The quick and easy solution to Measure your physical status. With more than 20 outputs under 30 seconds it provides you with a quick method to determine body composition.  The InBody 120 connects to your pc via the Lookin'Body software/Bluetooth.  Data tracking and storage are available to track progress over time. This compact device can be easily used anywhere and is the perfect evaluation device during consultations. With battery backup load shedding is a thing of the past.

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