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Height and age of the Client/Patient

Total Body Water : The amount of sodium-free water in the whole Body

Protein : Proportional expression to FFM. Higher Protein = Higher Muscle Mass.

Minerals : Bone mineral content is the ratio between the mineral weight and the dry weight of the bone sample

Body Fat Mass : Total Fat in Body to determine if patients are within WHO standards.

Muscle Fat Analysis : This Section Indicates the ratio of muscle and fat to weight including goals to get your body into the ideal shape. The focus is not on weight but instead to achieve the ideal muscle/fat to weight ratio. 

ICW/ECW Ratio : Ratio between ICW and ECW. Graph type ideal to indicate differences between U (Left/Right) and L (Left/Right) and Trunk

Segmental Lean Mass and Fat Mass : Lean and Fat Mass per segment. Indicate imbalance between Upper and Lower/Left to Right. This section will assist you to create the need to achieve the ideal body balance including fat and muscle. 

Obesity Degree : Severe Obesity (a BMI of 40 or higher) may raise risk of severe illness. Weight that is higher than what i considered as a healthy weight for a given height is described as overweight or obese. Body Mass Index, or BMI, is used as a screening tool for overweight or obesity. 

Segmental Fat: Indication of fat in kg per segment and % Achieved. (Ranges also include Normal (80-100%)/Under and over). Well recieved by patients and indicates results based on your treatment.

Visceral Fat Level : Visceral fat is body fat that is stored within the abdominal cavity and is therefore stored around a number of important internal organs such as the liver, pancreas and intestines. Storing higher amounts of visceral fat is associated with increased risks of a number of health problems associated with obesity, including type-2 diabetes.

Phase Angle : Cellular membrane Integrity. (Indicates Mal-nutrition, Identify areas of concern (per segment) and Immune Deficiency).  Nutrition, Identify areas of concern.   Recommended range to achieve :  >4 Normal; 2-3 Depending Age; < 2 Serious

InBody Score : Score based on overall body composition, this parameter are influenced by SMM and Fat Mass in kg.  This will enable to provide you with a comprehensive breakdown/recommendations and determining goals for your patients.

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